“Your faith should be stronger than your fear”

Everyday of our lives we are faced with a new fear. We have to realize there is no way around that and its OK! Fear is natural and it many instances its healthy. It is when we let that fear take over our lives, our decisions, our minds that it enables us from taking steps to be our best self. As your fears grow, your faith has to grow 2x as fast. Faith is taking the step up the staircase without seeing if there is even a step there, but rather believing that it is or rather an even bigger step than you can imagine that He has provided. Fear is waiting and confirming that there is definitely a step before starting to walk. It is always waiting for the “right time, the perfect situation”. Faith is believing, trusting and standing on His word and promises.

How many times have had fear > faith in our lives? How many excuses do we come up with to justify the fear? What has it stopped us from doing or accomplishing in our life?


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