Are you really double-minded?

We must cultivate the soil of our mind and uproot any beliefs, strongholds that prohibit your intimate relationship with Christ. Begin the process of renewing your mind with the Word of God, as you are able now to plant the seed in the newly tilled soil that can now allow for growth and maturation. However, growth of any seed can only take place with water and sun. You can not be without one or else the maturation process of the seed will cease. A spiritual seed is no different, the Holy Spirit is the water and the glory of God is the light. (Galatians 5:22) You have to accept the Spirit into your heart or else the seed will die and wither into nothing.

The heart is the source of where life from from and unless it is pure your seed will never fully mature to what God intended. (Proverbs 4:23) You have to allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse every spec of your heart, especially the dark hidden holes that you believed no one could see. You can pray, study and read all you want (which is great), but unless you have allowed the Spirit of God into your heart it will fall on deaf ears.

Surrender is a bold word that requires us to act, we must physically spiritually emotionally let go and let God. For many, who have a stronghold of control this is not an easy task. But the real questions are how bad do you want God, how much do you desire/crave His presence in your life, how deep do you want your relationship to go with Him, how much do you even trust God (that’s a biggie!), do you believe faith comes with obedience? Answer these honestly, from your heart not your mind, and you will know if your ready to fully surrender and let God take over every part of who you are.

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