Negative mindset ❌ Positive life

Your soul, which consists of your mind, will, ambition/desire, feelings/emotions, drives the basis of your life. Most people live based on their soul & body (emotions & feelings), however our spirit is what should drive our soul.

When our thoughts, feelings and will (soul) is full of negativity, insecurity or worldly views our lives will never be one full of joy and peace. You will find yourself always searching to find “happiness” or fill a void. Happiness is temporary, based on circumstances and emotions. A negative mind, thoughts, will always leave you feeling inadequate and with lasting strongholds that will need to be torn down when you decide to shift your mindset.

Our spirit, the innermost part or our “spiritual heart”, was created to align with the Holy Spirit inside of us. Allowing Him to have “free reign” inside. When our spirit is grabbed hold of by the Holy Spirit, He then can begin to inundate our soul. Allowing our life to reflect the fruit of the Spirit #joy #peace #love #patience #kindness

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