Lack of Discipline ➡️ More Distraction

If we are going to be true disciples of Christ, then we are required to be disciplined in our actions. If we can’t show self-discipline then how can God trust us with our assignment?

Are you constantly turning the alarm off at 5am for prayer time that He has called you to do? Do you put on the Tv or talk on the phone for hours instead of immersing yourself in the Word for hours? Are you spending 5min a day reading and worshipping right before you go to bed and usually fall asleep in the middle?

This is all part of being disciplined for a life in Christ. The less disciplined we are the more distractions we allow to come into our life. A lot of times, it’s distractions we create ourselves, TV, family, phone, social media, games, etc. As we move away from being focused on Him and focus on our distractions, this allows the gateway for the enemy to open up. He is able to utilize our thoughts, doubt, worry, fear, insecurities so easily because we are no longer focused on keeping Holy Spirit from and center allowing Him to captivate our thoughts. We have replaced His thoughts with worldly distractions.

Where are you lacking discipline? Where has God called you to focus on Him more in your life? What are your distractions that your allowing to take your focus on Him, even in for a few minutes?

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